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Welcome To

Home Alive Bible Ministries

Update January 6, 2008

Home Alive Bible is excited to announce that we are now  adding a variety of sites to the ministries web presence. Some of these new pages may still be under development at different stages and we urge you to check back. God Bless You 

We at Home Alive would like to thank OneLook® Dictionary Search for the use of Webster's 1913 Dictionary. This is a valuable addition to your study tools.

As you move to a link outside of Home Alive on our home page, a separate window will open in most cases, allowing you to keep us handy for further reference. 

Gigi's Pages: These papers were written as reports for a portion of Gigi's term grade in her Ministers In Training Course. You won't want to miss the essay on Haggai and the writing on the Resurrection. These are indeed excellent works and need to be read. In knowing how far she has come over the years makes these works that much more valuable. You will be glad you read them. Others to be soon added to this growing list are "The Call of Abraham" and "The Miracles of Jesus". 

Unfolding The Ages: From the eternal past to the New Heavens and New Earth, this 30 point outline with sub-points and 14 divisions will assist you in understanding God's Plan for you. UnFolding The Ages has many built-in links to our other studies already available, with many more studies in this series yet to come. 

Creation Series: Are the dinosaurs found deep in the earth, which are sometimes found in tact, actually millions of years old? If so then were the actually created or are they a product of evolution? How can we determine if there is a God, though we cannot see Him? You will find answers to many controversial and complex questions in this Creation Series of four studies. 

Lessons From The Word: The Television portion of the ministry that ran programs weekly on Public Service Outlet during 2003-2004 is featured on these pages. You will see pictures of the program being prepared, filmed, edited and live shots during teaching. Some pages may be later written here laying out some thoughts and ideas to help others who may be interested in a TV program and ministry. These pages may still be under partial construction but you should be able to navigate them without trouble.

Submarines: Join us here at HomeAlive as we go on a deterrent patrol on board a submarine during the 70's Cold War.  This site is complete with many pictures and written narration. Get a feel for what it was like  by surfing on our USS George Washington Carver and Submarines Site. See you when you get back.

Doc Hort's Yard Garden: Enjoy the latest addition to HomeAlive as we go from sea to shore in the Transformation and Progression of a yard garden. Join Doctor Hort as he demonstrates things you may and may not want to repeat when transforming your yard into a yard garden.

Bantam Youth Soccer: Ever wondered what a website devoted to your son or daughters youth soccer season might look like? You will find here 12 full weeks of youth soccer action including pictures, write-ups, special instructions and on field position diagrams from a season in 1999. Though some pages are having minor corrections made to them, the original dates with all the original write-ups will remain intact on the pages. I believe these pages are a lot of fun and hope you do as well.

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As you view the pages on our site as well as reaching your destination through links, we hope that you might find both encouragement and education in the many pages as you peruse them. 

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Unfolding the Ages Complete Outline

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