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"On the USS George Washington Carver"

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DW On Watch

DW in Torpedoe Room

Once on patrol there would be plenty of watches to occupy our hours. Generally we would stand 6 hours on watch and 12 hours off watch. While on watch, depending on the watch we were standing, we would have certain routine responsibilities as well as being qualified to handle any emergencies. Here I am on Christmas Day 1978 standing Auxillaryman Forward Watch as I would also make hourly passes through the Torpedo Room . There was also at all times underway a Torpedo Room Watch.

Working It Out

DW working out in Missle Compt. L/L

Once off of watch there were an assortment of things in which one could involve himself with if he chose to. After having chow (breakfast, lunch, dinner, depending on the time in which you were getting off watch) if all our qualifications were completed or up to date we might watch a movie, read a book, play cards, or something like you see here, spend time in the Missile Compartment Lower Level working out. This was my favorite pastime. There was also Ship's Preventive Maintenance and equipment repairs that needed to be tended to between watches.


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