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Final Preparations

"On the USS George Washington Carver"

Shark Ruler Whale Ruler
The A-Gang Crew

A- Crew altogether

Here was a rare occasion to have the entire A-Gang crew altogether for a photo. This was the Gold Crew A-Gang from late 1978 and early 1979. I attempted to doctor it up the best I could so we that everyone could be seen. The original photo was quite obscured. I hope that I have spelled all the names correctly so here we go:
Going from left to right starting at the bottom- Hiles, Woodard, Maliwanag: Second Row- Dashnow, Clark, Peska: Third Row- Gorzock, Wilbanks: Fourth Row- Horton, Hall: In Back- Graves.

Tag Out City

DW in port at BCP

It seems that just prior to getting underway, there would be a rash of tag-outs to complete last minute details. A note for those who might happen to be reaching this page without knowledge of Navy terminolgy, a tag-out is a procedure used to insure the line up of the system being worked on will not be altered causing harm to an individual or damage the ship. As you see around me in this picture, there are a number of tags hanging to insure these different systems are not altered. Well, it is now time to clear all the tag-outs so we can begin our patrol. Let's go on to the next pages to view a few of the activities while on patrol.


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