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Late Nights and Long Days

"on the USS George Washington Carver"

Shark Ruler

Whale Ruler

DW Below Decks

DW on Below Decks Watch

When it was your turn to stand watches, they did not always come at the most opportune times. Here I am late at night when most all are asleep taking this moment for a mug shot. A decent picture of the BCP (Ballast Control Panel) is behind me. Remember now, there has already been a long day behind you and another long day ahead.

Gravy Working Late

Gravy At Quartermaster Stand

Right around the corner from where I was at the Dive Control Station is Gravy staying up late to complete some necessary paper work. He was always working hard at something and thinking of his shipmates. Hope things are well with you my brother. Let's move on to the next page as we are getting ever closer to going on patrol.


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