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Tour of Rota, Spain

"And the USS George Washington Carver (SSBN 656)"

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Recess in the School Yard

A typical school yard in spanish towns.

Unlike American schools where we see many of them with sprawling schoolyards with soccer fields and baseball diamonds, the children in many towns would play in a limited area with walled up fences surrounding them. Some of the the games still remain the same though.

The Beach at Rota

Beach Veranda looking over the Atlantic.

 As we made our way up through the streets of Rota we would come to the other side where we would find the beautiful beach overlooking the Atlantic. As can be seen there was no shortage of Condos along them. We will now start our trek back to toward  the tender, but before we do there is still a couple more stops along the way, so let us go on to the next page.


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