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Submarine Liberty

"And the U.S.S. George Washington Carver (SSBN 656)"

First Liberty Before Re-Fit

Leaving Rota Navy Base

Just leaving the Base in Rota.

This corner was near the area of the main gate as I recall. Rota was not that large a town so we could either from here walk through town, or catch a cab. Most generally we did not understand the Spanish language and the Spanish folks did not understand ours. One thing we both did understand was how much it would cost to get to our destination.

Main Street in Rota

A typical street one would see in Rota.

As we move down one of the main streets in Rota we can see the older structures as and streets. Unlike many places in America the mopeds and small motor bikes were common place all throughout the streets. Come on to the next page and we will continue this short tour before heading on to the Carver.


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