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Submarine Life 

  • For some that have had submarine and navy backgrounds these pages may certainly be reminiscent, bringing back memories of yesteryear. The many pictures in this site were taken while serving on the Gold Crew of the USS George Washington Carver about 1978. If you recognize yourself or someone you know on the pages here be sure to let us know by visiting the guest book or e-mail us homealive@yahoo.com. For others maybe doing school reports or the like, feel free to use what material you need, just kindly remember to give credits or place links to our site. We hope you enjoy and are able to use these pages to benefit your education or enjoyment. At the time of this revision some pages are yet under construction, but many are completed. Check back soon for more updates.

Sarah's Pet Club 

  • Sarah's Pet Club Site will indeed describe her in many ways. She is always on the go looking for her next project to tackle and how it might be carried out. Though she enjoys young lady etiquette, she is not afraid for a moment to jump into the chicken coop and help clean it out or stand her ground, no matter what might oppose her. Our animal population on the homestead had become so dense that it was necessary to begin holding meetings. At these meetings we gather together and decide on what needs to be done for the many pets and whose job it will be to do it. See pictures of these many "different" types of pets and bits of pet wisdom from an eleven year old who has a real love for animals. Also see a written "minutes" of a pet club meeting that we hold regularly and are updated at each meeting. You will not want to miss these pages as they are added and updated. 

Davy's Place 

  • Though Davy has no specific site of his own as yet, it is certain to be coming soon. I suppose the best way to describe him after almost 10 years has been probably mowers, mowers, and more lawn mowers. It looks to be difficult keeping up with this thriving lawn mower operation he has envisioned. He also loves war movies and holds with great respect any veterans who have served in wars, especially WW2. Look for a Web Site here on Web@live soon from him. "Mowing sandgrass on the beaches of Normandy", maybe, Nah!! but I am sure it will be good!
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