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Making The Best Of It

"and the USS George Washington Carver"

sharkrule WhaleRuler
XO During Halfway Night Festivities
XO During Halfway Night
The XO having a moment of laughter with the crew during "Half Way Night" Festivities. Some of the leaders were not necessarily as outgoing as was this XO. Though he was serious concerning his job and responsibilities, a good XO being second in the chain of command, would seek to help bolster the crews morale.

A Little Levity
A Moment Of Levity With the Rizz
Here is the Rizz having one of those moments to help ease up the pressures of patrol. Stanley, sitting in the forefront continued on in his studies in spite of the distractions. The Rizz was another of those quality leaders who would strive to help the morale amongst the crew.


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