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Submarine Qualified

"and the USS George Washington Carver"


  1. When an individual first would report on board, his first responsibility to the vessel is to begin his submarine qualifications. This is a rigorous process that requires the individual reporting aboard to have a solid grasp on all of the ships systems.
  2. As general knowledge of each of the ship's systems is mastered, the person seeking qualification would go to a person that is expert in that system. That expert would then thouroghly question and walk the qualifier through the particular system. Any part the qualifier was unable to answer or needed more thorough knowledge of, he would have to go and research further.
  3. Once completed, the systems expert would then sign off that particular system or function on the persons "Qual Card".
  4. When all of the systems and functions were signed off by the appropriate persons, the qualifier would go before the "Qual Board" which would be made up of the highest ranking persons on the boat.
  5. At this point the qualifier would be deemed experienced and knowledgeable to receive the "Submarine Dolphins".
  6. A ceremony would then be held for the individuals that had recently completed thier qualifications. The "Dolphins" would be placed on the qualifier's uniform, and after be "tacked on" by his crew mates.
DW and the XO

DW next to XO ready to recieve Dolphins.

Here I am standing next to the Executive Officer preparing to receive my Dolphins as the Captain makes his congradulatory speech. This is a major accomplishment for a young seaman as it also allows him opportunity to partake of more of the crews free activities.

DW Receiving His Dolphins from the Captain
DW receiving Dolphins from the Captain.
Here I am as I have just received my "Submarine Dolphins" and am now pronounced qualified. This has in essence just brought the qualifier into this elite class of the "Silent Service".


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