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Arriving At the Submarine Tender

"And the U.S.S. George Washington Carver"

Pier Leading to the Tender
Arriving at the Sub Tender on the pier.
After departing the plane upon arrival in Rota, a bus would drive us to the end of the pier in the background where we would prepare to board the Sub Tender. This picture was taken from off base looking over the bay. At night the LaGuardia Seville Police patrolled those beaches. We use to hear quite a number of horror stories of their impatience with anyone who did not take them serious. I use to question them until one night Bruce B. and I came up to a machine gun toting police while resting near the fence for a breather while jogging. Though we did not understand their verbal language we understood their symbolic language and took them very serious ever after that.

First Line of Business
On the tender.
Because of the time change, we would arrive in Rota with plenty of time remaining in the day. We would first have to prepare our belongings for a short stay on the tender prior to taking over the submarine from the returning crew. This generally meant the first day we arrived, the sub was not yet there, so we unloaded and went out to town knowing there would be little time to sight-see once the boat pulled in. The persons here are familiar, but sorry, can't remember their names. Maybe someone out there does. E-mail me if you do or if it is yourself. Let us now take a journey for the next couple pages through some of the streets and beachs of Rota before we get down to business. Just click on the next button below and we will see you there.


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